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Support for dynamic sites in the registry


Peter Curran writes:
> I would like to create the necessary entries in the registry to reflect
> this situation, but the registry is essentially static.  Now comes my
> question.  Should the registry be able to cope with this sort of situation,
> or is this just an example of a one-off problem that will not map onto the
> real world?
> Should I create and delete the registry entries on demand, as the tunnels
> and prefixes are created? Should this sort of information even go into the
> registry?

What do you mean by static ?!?

You can send as many updates/deletes as you want and changes are visible
within seconds.

I think it is up to you to decide if you want to spend the time
registering information that will be worthwhile for only a week. The
advantages of registering such temporary data are probably not very
important from an operational perspective. However, I would advise to
register the /44 inet6num object with appropriate remarks: line so that
people at least can find out where the IPs come from when they show up on
the 6bone,

David K.