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AATN (alternatives to NAT) Mail List Set up........................

If you have comment please send to me privately or get on the aatn list and
send it to aatn...

I have submitted a request and description for a BOF to the IETF
Internet ADs to discuss alternatives to NAT.  But I set up a mail list
as interim place to discuss this technology.  My mail is attached to the
ADs....Comments on description and agenda welcome the more we do before
L.A. the better we can determine if this work should move forward.

send mail to - [email protected]

  subscribe aatn your-email-addr

THose of you who sent me mail to be on this are already subscribed if
you sent me mail before Noon today everyone else please subscribe
directly yourself.

Apology for this interruption but folks on these mail lists have
expresssed an interest in alternatives to NAT and I wanted to let
them know, we have a place to discuss it.



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Subject: Request for AATN BOF at L.A. IETF Meeting
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 13:14:12 -0500
From: bound
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Thomas and Jeff,

I would like to request a 2 hour BOF for the subject "Avoidance of
Address Translation in Networks" (AATN), for the L.A. Meeting.  I have 
to request this BOF not happen during the following events so I may lead it.  
IPng, NGTRANS, DHCPv6, or NAT BOF meetings.  Evening is fine too, but day 
is better.

I feel this BOF should be sponsored by the Internet Area as it affects
the Internet Layer of the IP model.  If it should become a WG then that
is up to the IESG to decide clearly where that should be located. I enlist 
your leadership and support to get this discussed.

I am already setting up an initial mail list now.  It could take two
BOFs to determine what this work would entail and if it should be a
working group, I just don't know right now.

Description of BOF:

To address the limitations of the IPv4 address space the Internet
community needs to adopt variant technologies until IPv6 can be deployed
giving the Internet a new address space.  Three such technologies are
Network Address Translation (NAT), Link Tunnel Protocols like L2TP, and
the use of address translation in Firwall products.  This BOF would like
to investigate and discover if there is valid work to do, which can be
used to assist this IPv4 problem thru the Avoidance of Network Address
Translation on Networks (AATN).  This work would address todays need for
IPv4 and some of the needs for IPv6 which are not addressed by the
existing NGTRANS WG.  Because this work includes work specific just to
IPv4 it should not be part of NGTRANS, but there will be some overlap
clearly.  Engineers in our community have begun to work on AATN in
various manners and from several IETF WG mail lists this work appears to
have a growing interest.  This is also not part of the NAT work on going
as that function is to define and specifiy parts to do NAT.  One
objective of this work is to provide and insure that end-to-end host
connectivity is supported for mobility and IPSEC, without network address

Examples of work in our community to support AATN exist today:

  draft-tsirtisi-nat-bypass-00.txt  George Tsirtisi and ALan O'Neill
                                    (British Telecom Labs)
  draft-montenegro-firewall-sup-03.txt  G. Montenegro and V. Gupta
                                    (Sun Microsystems)
  draft-ngtrans-header-trans-01.txt Erik Nordmark
                                    (Sun Microsystems)
  draft-ngtrans-nnat-00.txt  Jim Bound
                                    (Digital Equipment Corporation)

A tentative agenda would look as follows:

   -  What is the taxonomy AATN and what are some examples.
   -  Specific Overviews of AATN (the above draft examples possibly)
   -  What would be the objectives and charter of such a WG
   -  What would be the deliverables of such a WG
   -  Do we want to start a working group for AATN


Jim Bound
IPv6 Technical Director
Consulting Engineer 
UNIX Internet Group 
Digital Equipment Corporation
1+(603) 884-0400
[email protected]