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call for agenda items for December ngtrans-6bone IETF meeting


At 10:28 PM -0800 11/6/97, Ben Crosby wrote:
>> 3. 6bone backbone peering arrangements
>Peering agreements are something that need to be looked at not only at a
>backbone level, but also by individual sites. With the move to Agg-based
>adressing, perhaps we should really be looking at dropping a large
>number of site to site peers, where the physical network does not exist ?
>I know that Guy Davies presented such a proposal at Munich for the UK,
>unfortunately there hasn't been an awful lot of activity from many of the
>UK sites over the Summer, as a large number are academic.

I definitely agree, and hope someone will offer to address this subject.
Alain Durand did so before, maybe he will do so again.

*** Any other folk willing to talk on this one?

>> 4. what's the next step after conversion?
>Some realistic network use perhaps ? I dont know what people are doing
>with their IPv6 networks, apart from interop and testing, but how about
>looking at getting some of your information up on IPv6 web servers, and
>creating a few ipv6.* newsgroups, so we can put some nntp/www traffic
>over all these tunnels, and the few native links that exist ?
>Just my $0.02 =)

Good input.  Will add it to the list.