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call for agenda items for December ngtrans-6bone IETF meeting


> 3. 6bone backbone peering arrangements

Peering agreements are something that need to be looked at not only at a 
backbone level, but also by individual sites. With the move to Agg-based 
adressing, perhaps we should really be looking at dropping a large 
number of site to site peers, where the physical network does not exist ?

I know that Guy Davies presented such a proposal at Munich for the UK, 
unfortunately there hasn't been an awful lot of activity from many of the 
UK sites over the Summer, as a large number are academic.
> 4. what's the next step after conversion?

Some realistic network use perhaps ? I dont know what people are doing 
with their IPv6 networks, apart from interop and testing, but how about 
looking at getting some of your information up on IPv6 web servers, and 
creating a few ipv6.* newsgroups, so we can put some nntp/www traffic 
over all these tunnels, and the few native links that exist ? 
Just my $0.02 =)