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Problems connecting 6bone using Digital UNIX

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Hi !

I have the following problem:

We use an Alphastation200 eith an additional DE450 running Digital Unix
where we installed the X6.1 IPv6 binary Kit. We use this station as a
router. We like to connect our site via SWITCH to the 6bone. After
spending quite a lot of time, we got the status as described in the

My questions are : Is it possible to add static routes ?
                   How do I have to do it ??

Thank's for your assistance!



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> It's a real Problem! Digital uses the IPv4 adresses as tunnel
> endpoints!  The next Hop for a route will be the ::IPv4 address. So
> I have to set up the default route as follows:
> #route add -inet6 3ffe::/16 :: -interface -cloning
> #route add -inet6 5f00::/8 :: -interface -cloning

That doesn't look good, because our routers are not configured to use
automatic tunneling, so the :: will not work.

You should be able to set up a configured tunnel by adding static
routes for the tunnel endpoints with the addresses I gave you.  Please
consult your documentation or Digital's support for information about
how to do this exactly.

> swsaxp47 # route add -inet6  5f00::/8 3ffe:2000:0:1::41      
> writing to routing socket: Network is unreachable

When your tunnel is configured correctly, the address will be