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call for agenda items for December ngtrans-6bone IETF meeting

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Craig Metz wrote:

> 	Those who have put up such services have found amazingly underwhelming
> demand. I have had zero off-site access to my IPv6-only WWW server, and I had
> zero off-site accesses to my IPv6-only NNTP serve. I've had two accesses to my
> IPv6-only SMTP server and both were pre-arranged tests with another person.

I had assumed this to be the case, which is exactly why I felt the need to
raise the issue. It is all very well having this test network, but lets try
and get some real services up and running to get some real traffic on the 
net. I've experienced similar accesses with USOT-ECS. Shall we create some
ipv6 newsgroups, and go from there, and lets get www.ipv6.6bone.net up or
similar ?

If you, or indeed anyone else wants to get together with me and set up some
newsgroups and peer them (not tunnels, but delivered across 6bone) then 
I'd be only too happy to do so.

> 	The overwhelming majority of traffic on the 6bone is pings and
> traceroutes supplying data for the random "6bone status" web pages out there.
> There appears to be far less incentive to actually do anything with the 6bone
> than to claim that one is "on" it.

I certainly see a lot of ICMP traffic =)