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database of the available tunnels


Would all who would like to please send me:

1. your ipv4 address to reach your tunnel.
2. the IPv6 prefix to route to your tunnel
3. nodes inside your tunnel we can test our ipv6 apps against.

there are other lists out there and one our node sipper was on WITH
INCORRECT information about its capabilities and being sent only to
those who are routing packets.  This is just bogus and lets keep this an
open process.  Especially since the node was updated with new
functionality and we had no way to even know to tell the Czar to update
the freakin database.

For those who want this to be a closed process lets not let them do that
and if necessary we can set up a routing network around them.

I don't want to hear about what the Mbone did anymore.  Its not a
production network after many years and IPv6 can wait that long.  Have
you seen the various meltdown news flashes on the Internet and how some
small ISPs packets are getting blocked and even potentially being put
out of business.  6bone needs to be wide open and lots of testing even
if it breaks which is part of testing.  It also should not be held up
from growing exponentially.

There is nothing wrong with multiple sites routing packets for everyones
tunnels.  In fact you may find eventually some folks route IPv6 throught
the tunnels faster and in fact competition of this nature will foster
better and high performining implementations (again unlike the Mbone).

Anything I get will be published widely I will state up front.