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database of the available tunnels

> Fine...
> Would all who would like to please send me:
> 1. your ipv4 address to reach your tunnel.
> 2. the IPv6 prefix to route to your tunnel
> 3. nodes inside your tunnel we can test our ipv6 apps against.
> there are other lists out there and one our node sipper was on WITH
> INCORRECT information about its capabilities and being sent only to
> those who are routing packets.  This is just bogus and lets keep this an
> open process.  Especially since the node was updated with new
> functionality and we had no way to even know to tell the Czar to update
> the freakin database.

If enough people feel this would beneficial, I would be happy to "fg" my
registry project and throw up a quick web page where people can add their own
tunnels and maintain their own contact information. I would set it up in either
a shared password format (to keep out the pranksters) or an approval-based
format, but I would like the lowest latency updates as possible.

> There is nothing wrong with multiple sites routing packets for everyones
> tunnels.  In fact you may find eventually some folks route IPv6 throught
> the tunnels faster and in fact competition of this nature will foster
> better and high performining implementations (again unlike the Mbone).
> Anything I get will be published widely I will state up front.
> /jim
>-- End of excerpt from <[email protected]>

Well put!

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