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database of the available tunnels

I had recently asked Andrew Hoag to elaborate on his comment about a
database of the available tunnels and received the following reply,
reposted here with his permission.


> >In the near future, we hope to publish a database of the available
>tunnels and
> >allow for everyone to update it themselves. This hopefully will provide t=
> >most current repository for sites and contacts.
> Can you say more about the general intent of this database in comparison t=
> Geert Jan's.

After discussing this with others in our group here, and a gauge of general
feelings I think I misspoke. I do not intend to replace or obsolete Geert Ja=
effort in the IPv6 Registry...

My original issue was that in producing this map I had to cull information f=
not only his registry, but several other sources as well. I wanted the map t=
be as complete as possible. Since I had all of the information in one place,=
thought it made sense to make that info available.

However, short of contacting each individual IPv6 site, I would be making th=
information available generally without their consent. Maybe this is not an
issue, but at least with Geert Jan's Registry the parties involved have to
actively make their site info public, whereis I would be doing it for them (=
least initially).

In any case, I have decided to hold off on publishing what I already have. I
may still build the tools or work with Geert Jan to improve them, but for th=
time being I think I'll leave it well enough alone.

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