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database of the available tunnels

On Mon, 16 Sep 96 22:32:09 -0400  [email protected] wrote:
> 1. your ipv4 address to reach your tunnel.
> 2. the IPv6 prefix to route to your tunnel
> 3. nodes inside your tunnel we can test our ipv6 apps against.

The first two points are already registered at the registry at the NCC;
I'm looking forward to see a proposal to do point 3 but have not
heard anything yet.

The comments on the 'FTP partking place' so far have been roughly:
- A few people wanted gegraphical info (which I did), and some 
  didn't want geographical data because it is too hard to obtain
  (that's why it's optional)
- Some people had problems with the SITE GROUP/SITE GPASS thing,
  I think I answered all of them.

> there are other lists out there and one our node sipper was on WITH
> INCORRECT information about its capabilities and being sent only to
> those who are routing packets.  This is just bogus and lets keep this an
> open process.  Especially since the node was updated with new
> functionality and we had no way to even know to tell the Czar to update
> the freakin database.

I don't know if this comment was for me but in that case please elaborate?

Geert Jan