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Tshirt info on 6bone web page

On Oct 29,  4:25am, Bob Fink LBNL wrote:
> Subject: Re: Tshirt info on 6bone web page
> 6bone folk,
> Given Jim Bound's comments about the vendor list, can I have a quick open
> survey before the end of the week on this?  The question is, do you want or
> not want the vendor list and/or a count (e.g., 5 routers, 10 workstations)?

I like the world tour idea a lot, the one with county names.

I'm ok to add a separate list of implementations, but I'm reluctant to give
any figures (eg: 5 routers...)
One thing we could do: use the logos of the diferent implementations
as we found them on playground.

I'm not sure if there is any legal issue about that, I guess the minimum should
be to ask the implementors if it's ok to use their logo.

Only few logos are missing, I have collected then in alphabetic order,
you can see them at http://www.ipv6.imag.fr/logos/logo.html

	- Alain.