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Tshirt info on 6bone web page


Short answer: I see no need to list implementors on the shirt.


Long answer: When someone does something good, they should be
recognized and/or rewarded.  But it is not necessary to reward them
in every possible way and to recognize them in every possible form.
If implementors belong on the shirt, how about the spec-writers?  How
about the working group members who spoke up at meetings or sent
email?  How about the alpha testers not already included in the
preceding list?

When the fruits of your labor become a commercial product, will all
the non-DEC contributors be recognized and mentioned in some material
which accompanies the product?  I don't think such mention would be
any more or less necessary than getting the implementors listed on a

The implementors are already recognized and will be several times
again.  (Do you think it isn't so?)  But when will the early users be
recognized, if not now?

Jim, I was offended by the very hostile tone of your message, and all
the more so because the very next message in my inbox was your
admonition of Ohta to be more polite.

To even make such a claim as
> It feels like POLITICS is taking precedence over DOING THE RIGHT THING.
presupposes that you know what the "right thing" is and nobody else
does.  Is that the IETF way?  And isn't it a political act to say this?

Well, it's an election year.  We're all feeling a little overdosed on