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Tshirt info on 6bone web page

6bone folk,

Given Jim Bound's comments about the vendor list, can I have a quick open
survey before the end of the week on this?  The question is, do you want or
not want the vendor list and/or a count (e.g., 5 routers, 10 workstations)?

I still intend to freeze the Tshirt layout by next Monday or Tuesday.



At 7:25 PM -0800 10/28/96, [email protected] wrote:
>>At 9:25 PM -0800 10/27/96, [email protected] wrote:
>>>I think we need to list the implementations that are "running" on the
>>>6bone.  Running means that implementation is sending packets.
>>>I did not see them just checking the T-Shirt buttons?
>>I had several folk tell me that it was a bad idea to do this, so am
>>inclined not to.  The list of countries/sites certainly goes a long way to
>>saying it without getting vendor oriented.
>And I heard several folks including me tell you this was a good idea.
>Why is their input affecting you and not mine and others?  I must of
>have missed the mail unless it was private to you?  IF they want to not
>have the implementations on the shirts which is recoginition to the
>engineers making all this *** really *** happen then let them stand up
>in public.
>And I think the vendors who have done implementations, providing FREE
>kits and upgrades, working with the users to debug problems, in some
>cases donating hardware, taking the time to manage the bug fixes we hear
>on the 6bone, have a right to be noted on these T-Shirts and vendors who
>say they are doing who don't participate on the 6bone should be seen
>that they are not participating.
>But more importantly I TOTALLY OBJECT to this not being an OPEN
>discussion on the 6bone when the only reason the T-Shirts can say
>anything about the 6bone in part is because of the "IMPLEMENTATIONS"
>running code.
>It feels like POLITICS is taking precedence over DOING THE RIGHT THING.
>And you know how I am about that and the one thing that sends me into a loo=
>of getting really pissed off.  I hope I am wrong????