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Tshirt info on 6bone web page


At 9:25 PM -0800 10/27/96, [email protected] wrote:
>I think we need to list the implementations that are "running" on the
>6bone.  Running means that implementation is sending packets.
>I did not see them just checking the T-Shirt buttons?

I had several folk tell me that it was a bad idea to do this, so am
inclined not to.  The list of countries/sites certainly goes a long way to
saying it without getting vendor oriented.

>Also I want Large.  Not XXL or XL.  In fact I know folks who will want
>Small and Medium,

Will do.

>I think you need to take orders?

Will formally ask for orders soon, but will do so by replaying an organized
list of the informal orders I have so far.