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Threaded 6bone Mail Archive


> * I updated the geographic maps. Finding the lat-long for Almaty, Kazakstan was
> a little bit of a trick, but it was out there. :-)

The map certainly looks a lot more complex, now! Thanks for updating
things. One or two quibbles, with the sites in the UK -

I'm fairly sure Manchester's in the northwest of England, in Lancashire,
rather than in the south, in Kent.

Also, Aberdeen looks to be a little further north than on the map. :)

These /are/ relatively trivial quibbles, when all is said and done. That
there is a map showing /anything/ is good and that the sites are shown
(albeit not in quite the right location in these two cases) is excellent.

(Ok, I admit I'm making the assumption here that there aren't two other
6bone sites in the UK which aren't in the registry. :)

If the site for England is indeed the UMAN site, then it needs to be
two degrees further north and two degrees west of Grenwich. I'm not sure
about the site in Aberdeen, but again, it's west, not east of Grenwich.