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Threaded 6bone Mail Archive

Over the weekend I did some work on http://www.ipv6.nas.nasa.gov/ and made the
following changes / additions:

* I created a "hypermail" archive of the 6bone mailing list. The biggest
feature here is that we now have a threaded mail archive. Hopefully this should
help newcomers to the list ramp up quicker.

* I published our mirror of the RIPE-NCC IPv6 database. Since I'd been grabbing
the database everyday anyways, I thought I might as well publish it. And since
we sit right on FIX/MAE-WEST it could cut down on traffic across the ocean.

* I updated the geographic maps. Finding the lat-long for Almaty, Kazakstan was
a little bit of a trick, but it was out there. :-)

* I added some tools to my toolkit to parse the RIPE database and found some
inconsistencies. I bugged a few sites out there to get things up to snuff and
everyone was amiable to fixing their entries (thanks!). On my count we are up
to 40 sites with about 60 tunnels.

If anyone has any questions/comments let me know!

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