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6bone map change - DIGITAL-CA/US & CISCO/US tunnels to G6/FR

|   I think GATED Consortia
|   may be ahead of me and that is where the $$$ need to go.  I just don't know
|   right now. 

>====BT: I discussed this with Merit people during last RIPE meeting in Amsterdam.
>	I was told the IPv6 stuff is not yet ready, but some there are working on.

Thats what I just got told where I work too.  Sounds like we should get
some more help for them.

>|   I would like to see a prototype of IDRPv6 on the 6bone in 1997.
>|   I view it from an engineering perspective as a MUST SHIP CRITICAL
>|   priority for IPv6 on the 6bone.
>====BT: sure. You know Telebit (DK) has an IDRP implementation, and sells its boxes
>	since one year or so yet ... Do we want a Telebit backbone for the 6bone ?

I did not know this.  It would be ideal if Telebit could help get the
draft done and work with GATED>?/??  Is that even a possibility?