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6bone map change - DIGITAL-CA/US & CISCO/US tunnels to G6/FR

|   Date: Tue, 08 Oct 96 22:15:16 -0400
|   From: [email protected] 
|   p.s. On routing protocols.  I think the next step after RIPv6 is OSPFv6.
|   Then on to IDRPv6 for exterior routing.  To that end I would like to
|   figure out at San Jose IETF the status of IDRPv6 from folks working on it.

====BT: Thank you Jim to have pointed this out.
	I want strongly support this point of view and would appreciate others
	-i.e manufacturers- to consider this as URGENT ...
	We need an exterior routing protocol to go ahead with 6bone first and
	then native IPv6 topology. I'm not sure we can keep this alive with
	About IDRPv6 status, we've to face that the ID has been deleted one
	month ago or so. Any volunteer to issue a new version ? I guess we do 
	need it.

|   If it still is not on target I will champion an effort with other
|   interested vendors to fund with real $$$$ a public domain implementation
|   vendors can use to get IDRPv6 up and running. 

====BT: same approval as above ...

|   I think GATED Consortia
|   may be ahead of me and that is where the $$$ need to go.  I just don't know
|   right now. 

====BT: I discussed this with Merit people during last RIPE meeting in Amsterdam.
	I was told the IPv6 stuff is not yet ready, but some there are working on.

|   I would like to see a prototype of IDRPv6 on the 6bone in 1997.
|   I view it from an engineering perspective as a MUST SHIP CRITICAL
|   priority for IPv6 on the 6bone.

====BT: sure. You know Telebit (DK) has an IDRP implementation, and sells its boxes
	since one year or so yet ... Do we want a Telebit backbone for the 6bone ?


  +Bernard Tuy.