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6bone map change - new DIGITAL-CA/US tunnels

6bone drawing version 27:

	new tunnel from DIGITAL-CA/US to CISCO/US
	new tunnel from DIGITAL-CA/US to UNH/US
	new tunnel from DIGITAL-CA/US to DIGITAL-NH/US

I assume the tunnels are running as Jim has indicated this, but I would
still like to see ping data in these requests as a general rule, as well as
the RIPE data for each end of the tunnel.

Also, the following RIPE registry stuff needs to be added/fixed:

G6/FR  tunnel to digital is not full name and is mispelled
DIGITAL-NH/US  has no tunnel shown to DIGITAL-CA/US
CISCO/US has no tunnel shown to DIGITAL-CA/US

I will try to sweep the RIPE db at least once to see if all the tunnels are
listed properly.



To: Bob Fink LBNL <[email protected]>
Cc: [email protected] (6BONE Mailer)
Subject: Re: 6bone map change - DIGITAL-CA/US & CISCO/US tunnels to G6/FR
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 96 22:15:16 -0400
=46rom: [email protected]


Can you get the map updated to show the tunnels directly to Cisco, and
UNH-Bay-Digital via UNH too on the 6bone drawing for our new addition
Digital-CA, in addition to the G6/FR tunnel.  We are setting up to
distribute packets from S.E. Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc..).
The connection is more than just to G6/FR.  We are by passing other hubs
on purpose in the spirit of laizze-faire and to make this look like the
real Internet.  We have chosen to provide routes to nodes via Cisco,
UNH, and G6/FR hubs.

p.s. On routing protocols.  I think the next step after RIPv6 is OSPFv6.
Then on to IDRPv6 for exterior routing.  To that end I would like to
figure out at San Jose IETF the status of IDRPv6 from folks working on it.
If it still is not on target I will champion an effort with other
interested vendors to fund with real $$$$ a public domain implementation
vendors can use to get IDRPv6 up and running.  I think GATED Consortia
may be ahead of me and that is where the $$$ need to go.  I just don't know
right now.  The $$$ would include some bright people to work on the spec
too.  I would like to see a prototype of IDRPv6 on the 6bone in 1997.
I view it from an engineering perspective as a MUST SHIP CRITICAL
priority for IPv6 on the 6bone.


- end