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IPv6 routing issues

On Oct 9,  4:00pm, [email protected] wrote:

% Well we have a pretty good OSPFv6 spec out there now and I am hoping Rob
% Coltun does an implementation. So I am not concerned if it later has to
% be updated to v3.

I do not understand your comment.  
By the way,  OSPF for IPv6 == OSPFv3.

% As far as I-IS-IS that is a nice to have but IPv4 and IPv6 routing is a
% bit different than tunneling IP in CLNP or the other way around.
End of excerpt from [email protected]

I did not mention I-ISIS in my note (I was discussing integrated routing for
OSPFv3), though I do find your comments interesting in the context of the
Digital entry on the IPng web site, thinking particularly where it says
(quoted directly):

	"In addition, Digital intends to implement IPv6 in the 
	Integrated IS-IS routing protocol to allow an integrated approach 
	to routing of IPv4, IPv6, DECnet and OSI." 


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