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Re: DATACENTER: Making LOTS of custom patch cables.

On Mon, 17 May 1999, Grisha Trubetskoy wrote:

> Any velcro fans out there?
> Ken Woods wrote:
> > 
> > On Mon, 17 May 1999, Martin Hannigan wrote:
> > > PS: I don't allow tie wraps either. #14 Wax lacing baby! Boo yeah!
> > 
> > Remember the days when anything that wasn't tied was "bad", and tie wraps
> > were for holding stuff onto your toolbelt??
> > 
> > *sigh*
> > Cable Management. The lost art.

	If it works, does not pinch the cable, and can be removed for
rework without damaging the cable, who cares.

	At this point we use wide strap zip ties for perm/semi-perm cable
installs, and velcro straps where it needs to be changed often (patch

First Law of System Requirements:
     "Anything is possible if you don't know what you're talking about..."