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RE: DATACENTER: Making LOTS of custom patch cables.

In my experience its not worth doing this for lots user stations considering
all the change/adds you will have to do over time...short term your closets
will look good...but long term they will suffer and you will end up using
oddly sized cables when you move stuff....PLUS making your own cables is
less reliable than precut pretested cables. When a new standard of cables
come out and you want to move up you will have made an investment in an
expensive piece of equipment that will become less and less useful. Its also
a big waste of cable if you are always making custom cables and throwing
away old ones. Unless you keep them and have a library of cables to go back
to...and who has time for that?

I would just buy lots of standard lengths and route them real nicely via
lots of good horz and vert cable management ...maybe even label them on each
end (which I find more useful in the long run anyway)....plan out how you
are going to route every cable from one area of the patch panels to the
equipment and use the same paths over.

I would rather cross connect everything than do custom cables if you are
that interested in asthetics (which would be insane BTW).....

 But I don't know the size of th install...if its small you probably do want
to custom cut...but skip the equipment and buy a good cable tester instead.
I know all this isn't what you asked...but I have seen people get in trouble
with the whole custom cable thing on large installs......

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This summer and fall, we are going to be upgrading our entire network to
100MB to the desktop. As a part of this upgrade we are going to be
redoing existing patch panels and installing entirely new ones. To keep
things looking nice, we want to cut each patch cable to the exact length
required. We find that our cabinets look a LOT nicer if there are no
loops of slack cable laying around.

There are a couple of us that are relatively proficient in making patch
cables with the standard pliers-type crimpers. However, as fast as we
are it's still going to be a very tedious job. So to speed things up we
are hoping to find some sort of machine that can make up patch cables
faster than we can by hand.  We're willing to spend up to US$10,000 or
so on a solution.

Can anyone recommend products that will solve our problem?