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Re: [datacenter] Pollable Watt-hour meter

Hi Doug,

On Mon, 6 Nov 2006, Doug McIntyre wrote:

> There's plenty of full-blown solutions by the people building power
> distribution for data centers (ie. APC), but it sounds like you'd be
> more interested in something like
> http://www.weatherduck.us/
> or
> http://www.itwatchdogs.com/
> Who both have inductive current measurement devices over a 1-wire
> serial bus. Although the current module is going to be 20A max, which
> means you'd measure each leg coming off your panel, rather than the
> whole panel in your house.

This is exactly what I'm after.  The first link only support 20A, the
second have a CT which will do up to 120A.  A setup with the latter
monitoring the utility feed and a number of the former watching different
branches within the house may well work very nicely!

Thanks for the pointers!


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