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Re: [datacenter] rack hole spacing?

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, John White wrote:

> I've had a sneaking suspicion that my rack enclosure's hole
> spacing wasn't standard.  Just to clear up confusion (or cause
> more), I'm talking about the holes in the posts which one uses
> to secure the front (for two-post equipment) and back (for four
> post equipment) and/or racking rails.
> Today I pulled out a ruler and confirmed it.  Unfortunately,
> all I had on hand was an ... architect's ruler without units.
> [aside:  who would design a ruler without units?!  who would
>  buy one?!]
> So I can't give the actual measurements, but measuring from
> the center of a hole to the center of the next hole, the
> measurements alternate: wide narrow wide narrow.

What you should see is wide-wide-narrow-wide-wide-narrow.

EIA racks mount gear using the two holes that are closest together
as the top and bottom of a rack unit.  In other words, the top and
bottom edges of a panel should "split" the narrowly-spaced holes.

A 1-U panel will have just the top and bottom holes on each side.

Western Electric telco gear uses only the middle hole (the one with
wide spacing on each side) but the panel edges still wind up splitting
the wide holes.

Regarding racks, be forewarned about the so-called "rack mount" servers
sold by Dell and Compaq.  These will NOT mount in a standard EIA-310
rack unless you purchase extra-cost adapters from Compaq or Dell.  They
want you to buy their proprietary racks that have large square mounting

> I've been looking at racking specs and searching for relevant
> rfc's or IETF docs to no avail.  Any help on whether this is
> standard or not?  My gut is screaming no, but that could just
> be the dairy I had for breakfast.

EIA-310D is what you are looking for.

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