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Elad Cohen, show us!

On 9/19/19 2:47 AM, Elad Cohen wrote:
> It is not related to nefarious activity as you wrote, FDCServers
> policy is to stop routing any ranges which is in Spamhaus SBL (no
> matter what), due to the phear from Spamhaus to list all of
> FDCServers ranges in SBL, which was told to us in a documented phone
> call, listing all of the ranges by Spamhaus is a known agrressive and
> bullying tactic by Spamhaus as you can find in many webpages online.
Do you think Spamhaus uses "aggressive and bullying tactic[s]"?  You
never lived under the sword of SPEWS.

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam_Prevention_Early_Warning_System

As a former abuse and mail admin in a web hosting company with (at the
time) 3000 domains serviced, I found Spamhaus to be a firm but fair
organization.  Respond quickly and effectively to abuse complaints,
stoping the spam flow, Spamhaus delisted -- sometimes without being
asked to.

Note: this list is of and for network operators.  Spamhaus and other
DNSBLs are the subject for a mailing list of and for mail admins.