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Elad Cohen (was: Re: Cogent sales reps who actually respond)

In message <VI1PR1001MB1294743A032DB4F595901579D68F0 at VI1PR1001MB1294.EURPRD10.P
ROD.OUTLOOK.COM>, Elad Cohen <elad at netstyle.io> wrote:

>Please see the following link:
>As you can see, a MyAFRINIC account is required.
>Yes, route objects for legacy AFRINIC resources in their RIR operated IRRDB
> as a fallback for RPKI can be created and they were created by us.

What Mr. Cohen continues to dance around is the inconvenient truth that
even if he had an AFRINIC account, this would neither help nor explain
his thefts of the several AFRINIC -and- APNIC region blocks that I have
already listed here.

RIPE Routing History reveals the truth, for anyone who wishes to consult
that historical data, and I also have plenty of saved traceroutes for
each of those APNIC blocks, as well as all of the others that Mr. Cohen
stole from the AFRINIC region.

Those were all helpfully routed, until quite recently, to Mr. Cohen, and
by Mr. Cohen's dear friends at FDCServers and Cogent.

Come now Mr. Cohen, please do tell us who you paid for rights to the block, which belongs to the Australian government, and
which your pals at Cogent and FDCServers were routing to you until
quite recently.  Who did you pay and how much did you pay for your
"rights" to the City of Cape Town's block?

It's OK.  No need to be shy.  Show us the your sales reciepts for those
blocks please!  We could all use a good laugh today.

Alternatively, if you can't or won't show us that, then at least have the
decency to admit that you're a liar, a fraud, and a con man, and that
until I caught you, you were stealing all of the IPv4 space that wasn't
nailed down in both the AFRINIC region and the APNIC region.

Did you seriously think that you could get away with all this and that
nobody would even notice?  If so, then you're even dumber that you look
in all of the online pictures of you I've seen.