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Cogent & FDCServers: Knowingly aiding and abetting fraud and theft?

In message <9567B241-12CE-4728-8E73-FF7143907CEF at apnic.net>, 
Vivek Nigam <vivek at apnic.net> wrote:

>APNIC has contacted the custodians of and and
>brought this matter to their attention.

Excellent.  Thank you.

If possible, it would be Good if APNIC could also make contact with the
rightful owners of the following additional 3 Japanese blocks, all of
which were, of late, routed by Cogent to FDCServers and thence, presumably,
to Mr. Cohen.

I tried to make contact myself with the legit owners of all of the above,
but found it to be quite difficult.  The registered owner of the first
one appears to have gone into hiding on a remote island someplace.  I only
say that because, despite some considerable effort on my part, I was not
able to find him.  Making contact with the legitimate owners of the other
two blocks, both of which belong to Japanese corporations that are still
very much alive, was rather difficult also, because I am only a stupid
gaijin, and don't speak a word of Japanese.