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Weekly Routing Table Report

Valdis KlÄ?tnieks wrote:

>> If you think we should blindly believe your unfounded statement
>> not supported by any verifiable reference, that is the
>> condescending behavior.

As you can see, that you finally mentioned rfc1518 as reference
helped a lot to suppress unfounded and, thus, useless messages
from you, because I verified the rfc to find that all of your
points are denied.

That's the point to have verifiable references.

> Well Masataka... If "Owen DeLong, who was widely known to have been in an
> actual job position to know of certain facts, stating these facts" isn't
> sufficient evidence for you,

I can't see any confirmed facts. Moreover, even if some of his point
on a single company might be valid, it is nothing for the discussion on
the entire Internet.

> then applying that very same standard of
> evidence to your assertions leads directly to "can safely be ignored"

As I already wrote:

 > The following page by Geoff Huston is better than your delusion.
 >     http://www.potaroo.net/ispcolumn/2001-03-bgp.html
 >     What is driving this recent change to exponential growth
 >     of the routing table?
 >     In a word, multi-homing.

feel free to verify it.

						Masataka Ohta