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Weekly Routing Table Report

Owen DeLong wrote:

>>> However, since you donâ??t like Comcast, letâ??s try another one that
>>> has few (if any) mergers involved:
>> I don't think so.
> Care to expand on this?

See below.

> No... HE has not acquired a significant number of other businesses to
> the best of my knowledge.

People, including me, are not interested in relying on your

If you think we should blindly believe your unfounded statement
not supported by any verifiable reference, that is the
condescending behavior.

Moreover, your logic is flawed, because, even though HE may acquire
only one business, the acquired business may have acquired a lot of
other businesses.

> Repeating your condescending statement doesn't make it any more
> accurate the second time.

That is an accurate and proper reaction to those who insists that
Moore's law were not ending.

							Masataka Ohta