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Weekly Routing Table Report

> On Aug 31, 2019, at 18:48 , Masataka Ohta <mohta at necom830.hpcl.titech.ac.jp> wrote:
> Owen DeLong wrote:
>>>> However, since you donâ??t like Comcast, letâ??s try another one that
>>>> has few (if any) mergers involved:
>>> I don't think so.
>> Care to expand on this?
> See below.
>> No... HE has not acquired a significant number of other businesses to
>> the best of my knowledge.
> People, including me, are not interested in relying on your
> knowledge.

My knowledge in this case is having been an HE employee for several
years. Admittedly, that was some time ago, but I am pretty sure I would
have heard of any major acquisitions by HE.
> If you think we should blindly believe your unfounded statement
> not supported by any verifiable reference, that is the
> condescending behavior.

Do you have contravening knowledge or information? HE Is a private company,
so itâ??s nearly impossible to get detailed information about such things.

You offer no counter-argument nor any reason that my knowledge is inaccurate,
you simply claim itâ??s not credible because you donâ??t like what it says. Thatâ??s
far more condescending.

> Moreover, your logic is flawed, because, even though HE may acquire
> only one business, the acquired business may have acquired a lot of
> other businesses.

The business I know it acquired was (at the time of acquisition) a relatively
small east coast ISP startup. It did not have a significant history of acquisitions.

>> Repeating your condescending statement doesn't make it any more
>> accurate the second time.
> That is an accurate and proper reaction to those who insists that
> Moore's law were not ending.

We can again agree to disagree. Youâ??ve offered no proof, no actual evidence
to support this, only your own assertion. To quote your own statement:

â??If you think we should blindly believe your unfounded statement not supported
by any verifiable referenceâ?¦â??