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Mx204 alternative

On Mon, 2 Sep 2019 at 17:48, Denys Fedoryshchenko
<nuclearcat at nuclearcat.com> wrote:

> Of course, they are much stronger (and cheaper in $/bps or $/pps) when
> it comes to L2/L3 lookup, basic stateless filters, simple QoS.
> But can Trio perform stateful firewall filtering for millions of flows+
> lot of mpps that Xeon easily handle? Thats the case of recent DDoS
> attacks.

No it can't, certainly domain where XEON is marketable. Technically if
you could program Trio, it could do that and lot more, cheaper and
faster than XEON, but you can't program it.

I feel like we're at networking vendors same place where we were in
early 90s with linux and GPU/NIC, vendors thought their code is secret
sauce and wouldn't release specs for people to write their own free
software fopr them.
Hopefully we'll start seeing network specific chips enter the market
with public specs, P5 compiler, no questions (signatures, contracts)
asked. I'm convinced there is market that is not being addressed, who
is now forced to use XEON but could use something much more efficient,
if they were allowed to. Looking at JNPR's market cap evolution over
past couple decades, they certainly need to figure out something new.

Like how about 8-16*100GE single Trio PCI card with no-questions
asked, specification released, would there be a market? I like to
think there would be.