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Mx204 alternative

On 2/Sep/19 10:28, Saku Ytti wrote:

> I think the Baldur's proposal works for organisation with few and
> highly skilled employees. But for larger organisation the CAPEX isn't
> relevant, it's the OPEX that matters and managing that magic linux box
> is going to be very OPEX heavy.

Totally agreed.

> Also XEON isn't cheap chip, Jericho/PE/Trio/Solar/FP all are cheaper,
> significantly so. XEON does cover some segment of the market, but it's
> not large one.

Agreed as well.

Years back, when we considered virtual routers on servers + a cheap
Layer 2 switch to run a proper but inexpensive "small router", the
servers always worked out more expensive to maintain over time.