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Proof of ownership; when someone demands you remove a prefix

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 1:59 PM, Job Snijders <job at ntt.net> wrote:

> Dear Sean,
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 10:38:49AM -0700, Sean Pedersen wrote:
> > This is more or less the situation we're in. We contacted the customer
> > and they informed us the matter is in dispute with the RIR and that
> > their customer (the assignee) is in the process of resolving the
> > issue. We have to allow them time to accomplish this. I've asked for
> > additional information to help us understand the nature of the
> > dispute. In that time we received another request to stop announcing
> > the prefix(s) in addition to a new set of prefixes, and a threat to
> > contact our upstream providers as well as ARIN - which is not the RIR
> > the disputed resources are allocated to.
> I've seen disputes too between end users and RIRs - usually this is due
> to non-payment. It can be helpful to do two things: set a reasonable
> deadline for the customer to resolve this, and verify with the RIR
> whether the dispute is actually ongoing or whether the RIR closed the
> case. Example case: customer said they were in dispute, but RIR
> indicated that the case was closed. If the RIR closed the case, I'd lean
> to dropping the announcement.

What are people's experiences with the various RIRs discussion of these
I believe sometimes (though could be mistaken) they consider these matters

Perhaps there are official RIR policies stated on how they handle such.
It can be frustrating I'm sure.
For the situation you describe, I'd be inclined to say that if the RIR's
posted registration matches what you've got and has been so for a while,
that ought to stand.