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Proof of ownership; when someone demands you remove a prefix

Yes, absolutely go with the RIR.  Only thing I might adjust it whether I let the customer launch a dispute with the RIR before or after I make the change and to me that would depend on the preponderance of the evidence either way.  I might give the long term customer the reasonable doubt.  A new customer with a new advertisement not so much.  Talk to your legal people of course but I would think if the RIR could verify a dispute in progress, you are covered until the dispute is resolved.  Seems legally reasonable to me and shows due diligence on your part without you getting in the middle.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

>Hi Sean,
>There is a definitive technical means. It's called contact the POC published in WHOIS by the RIR and ask. It isn't flawless and you don't have to like >it, but there it is.
>If you contacted the POC and the POC replied stop, you stop. If the POC was hijacked at the RIR, that's between your customer and the RIR.
>The RIR has a standard process and an expert team for dealing with these situations. It's their job.
>Bill Herrin