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Proof of ownership; when someone demands you remove a prefix

How about signed ownership ? (https://keybase.io) if you are able to update the record â?¦ and it is able to be signed then shouldnâ??t that be proof enough of ownership of the ASN ?

If you can update a forward DNS record then you can have the reverse record updated in the same sort of fashion and signed by a third party to provide first party of authoritative ownershipâ?¦ Assuming you have an assigned ASN and the admin has taken the time to let alone understand the concept and properly prove the identity in the first placeâ?¦ (EV cert ?)

Just a light opinion from â?¦ https://jhackenthal.keybase.pub

Trust is a big issue these days and validation even worse given SSL trust.


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> Ownership?...
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>> it's a real shame there is no authorative cryptographically verifyable
>> attestation of address ownership.