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Broadcom vs Mellanox based platforms

On 06/04/2018 07:41 AM, Kasper Adel wrote:
> Hello
> Iâ??m asked to evaluate switching platforms that has different forwarding
> chips but the same OS.
> Assuming these vendors give the same SDK and similar documentation/support,
> then what would be comparison points to consider, other than the obvious
> (price, features, bps, pps).

Not willing to troll too much, but ... beside price, the main difference
is about disclosed chips specs.

Broadcom gives marketings specs (basic features, bps, pps) only. Chipset
documentation is disclosed only to some partners and is under NDA.

Mellanox is open about specs, afaik drivers are open source, etc.

Mellanox' commissioned study stated in another reply is a good starting
point. Think what you want about the results, but without public specs
from Broadcom, people have to expriment to understand and find out how
their silicon work. And where are the (undisclosed) limits. Good luck
with this if you expect predictable results under load ...


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