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ICANN GDPR lawsuit

On June 4, 2018 at 17:01 randy at psg.com (Randy Bush) wrote:
 > once upon a time, when one received what had yet to be called spam, or
 > logs showed an attack, one wrote to the owner of the source ip to tell
 > them their system had been hacked.  dunno about everyone else, but i
 > stopped doing that sometime in the '80s.

I remember one night, early 1990s, watching keystrokes of a guy who'd
gotten into one of our systems and realized I knew the owner of the
system he was coming in from, a name most of you would recognize, so
called him at home at like 2AM which was appreciated.

ISTR that was the guy who was actually typing VMS commands to a unix
shell which is why I wasn't all that concerned, other than the holes
he'd used to get a shell prompt which is what I was trying to track

        -Barry Shein

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