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BGP Community Support WAS: Re: Cogent vs. HE ; -) WAS: Anyone using Cogent Ethernet

BGP communities I use the most:
- Influence the transit provider BGP local-preference:  customer preferred, customer backup, peer, and transit LP values
- Only advertise routes to the transit provider customers and not their peers 
- Don't advertise routes to transit providers' peer ASx.   
- AS-prepend  X times to transit providers' peer ASx.    

I've had a couple of situations where a CDN provider is sending all their traffic via one transit provider.  A BGP community to not advertise or as-prepend our routes to that CDN provider would have been handy.  Most transit providers only allow you to not advertise or as-prepend to their peers and not other customers.  

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018, at 12:17 PM, James Breeden wrote:
> I've seen the onestep list but the presentation is helpful. I guess my 
> question was moreso to the people side of communities vs the 
> technicalities of communities - what ones do people find themselves 
> using most often and what do they wish was available from providers that 
> really isn't otherwise out there?