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Anyone using Cogent Ethernet

Tier 1 just means they don't pay for ip transit themselves, only Peering.
Doesn't mean that it's good transit.
Best provider i've ever used is hurricane electric,  actually a tier 2
provider, but bigger/better than many tier 1s.

On 22 January 2018 at 19:07, Martin List-Petersen <martin at airwire.ie> wrote:

> On 22/01/18 20:05, Mike Hammett wrote:
>> I much prefer using WDM transport as opposed to Ethernet\VPLS transport
>> due to it being significantly harder (I try not to say impossible) to
>> oversubscribe. That said, it isn't always available at a decent rate at a
>> given location.
>> Cogent has a reputation (right or wrong) for running things a little hot.
>> Have any of you used Cogent Ethernet\VPLS services? What are you
>> experiences? Offlist is fine if you don't want it public.
> Never use them without a backup alternative. I've seen more outages, that
> one would want to ever see from a provider, that would like to be
> categorised as Tier1.
> Especially, when some of these are longer than expected, because there
> were no cold-spares in the country and the cold-spare needed missed the
> flight.
> /M
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