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Remote power cycle recommendations

     Well I don't have all the model # handy,

But we have a rack setup like this =D

     2 feed 220v/30a going into:

         2 x ATS AP4431 (an older version) feeding:

             2 x AP7941 - Manageable

                 21 x C13 - per AP - for the devices.

                 2 x C19 going into:

                     2 x ATS AP7723 - Monitorable

                         8 x C13 - per AP - For servers (with ILO/iDRAC) 
with single power supplies.

     1 feed 110v/15a going into:

         Some APC(?) rackmount UPS

             1 x AP7920B (an older version of it) - Manageable

                 For device like OOB Modem, Server...

     All used, with spares, for under 2k.

     Its too bad for APC for making such sturdy devices and providing 
award winning documentation =D

BOM for new:

     AP4431 -> $1275
     AP7941 -> AP8941 -> $1000
     AP7723 -> AP4434 -> $1050
     AP7920B - $579

     Total: ~$7230

     Which is pretty good considering.  PS: Check if the Mgmt Card is 
included at that price.

     1. DO NOT put any infrastructure interfaces on the net; put them 
behind a high grade (2FA | Certificate+TLS) VPN access;

         I saw so many, so called PCI Certified, clients do it...

     2. And remember to not go over 24A total or you may turn a breaker 
to dust.

     3. It is not optimal because of the 110v but we had it...

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On 04/28/18 04:42, Alan Buxey wrote:
> +1 for the APC kit  :)
> alan