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Internet topology resources

Is this some sort of BGP AS Path Visualization like what ThousandEyes are doing?

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On Apr 26, 2018, 4:46 PM, Lars Prehn wrote:

> Hi all,
> two quick questions:
> Is there any way to retrieve BGP data (e.g. table dumps, updates, ...)
> such that i.) the data is not already available in the RIPE RIS,
> Routeviews, PCH, Isolario, or BGPmon projects and ii.) it is not
> necessary to query a Looking Glass to death (e.g. get all neighbors, for
> each neighbor get all prefixes, for each prefix get all announcements)?
> Are there any traceroute (or related) projects that currently still make
> their data publically available except for MLAB, RIPE Atlas, Caida, the
> Bismark Projekt, the portolan project?
> In addition, if you know somebody that knows somebody (...) that
> probably might be capable of giving me access to an IXP Route Server
> dump, a set of traceroutes that is not published publically yet, or
> something related I would *really* appreciate if you could forward me
> the contact! :) All data is supposed to be used in a research context,
> more specific my master thesis, therefore I would also accept
> annonymized data as long as it still contains useful topology information.
> Best regards,
> Lars