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Internet topology resources

On 27/04/18 04:33, Timothy Manito via NANOG wrote:
> Is this some sort of BGP AS Path Visualization like what ThousandEyes are doing?
I wrote something like that last year using all AS15169 peerings,
sourcing data from BMP, then rendering out all the various paths just
using graphviz.

The most useful thing was the version I made which did that for direct
peers and their single-homed (at least as far as we could tell)
customers. So many networks have a couple of prefixes they forgot to
advertise on peerings, a transit they forgot to v6 enable, or an "I'm
sure the bosses didn't know about this one" v6 transit path.

The most amusing graph was probably Akamai, since they reuse AS20940 all
over the planet for distinct nodes. That one probably qualifies as
modern art.