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Yet another Quadruple DNS?

ebersman> And yes, running your own resolver is more private. So is
ebersman> running your own home linux server instead of antique consumer
ebersman> OSs on consumer grade gear and using VPNs. But how many folks
ebersman> can do that?

ssatchell> <raises hand>

ssatchell> I gave up on Microsoft desktop products more than 15 years
ssatchell> ago.  Mac products more than 7 years ago.  (When Apple
ssatchell> refused to fix my broken MacBook screen, that was it for
ssatchell> Apple.)

Yes and so do I. And probably hundreds of others of the 26+ million
homes for just comcast alone. We are not the normal, usual users of the
internet. There need to be good, safe, well run alternatives for the
other 99.999999....% of the world that aren't us.