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Yet another Quadruple DNS?

On 04/01/2018 01:03 PM, Paul Ebersman wrote:
> And yes, running your own resolver is more private. So is running your
> own home linux server instead of antique consumer OSs on consumer grade
> gear and using VPNs. But how many folks can do that?

<raises hand>

I gave up on Microsoft desktop products more than 15 years ago.  Mac 
products more than 7 years ago.  (When Apple refused to fix my broken 
MacBook screen, that was it for Apple.)

Why do I run my own servers, including a mail server?  Court subpoenas. 
When I was working at a Web host company, I got several of these things, 
complete with gag orders.  Mail captures, mostly.

One time the Nevada Gaming Commission wanted to take an image of a colo 
customer's hard drive.  The fool they brought was a MSCE, and knew 
*nothing* about Unix and Linux.  Ended up having to do the mirror 
myself, and sign an affidavit to boot.  (Customer was running an on-line 
poker service without a license, which is unlawful in Nevada.)

I want to know when a LEO gets access to my data.