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Subject: Re: Avalanche botnet takedown
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On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 03:01:50PM -0800, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
> As you probably know Rich, that's not exactly a novel observation.  Vixie
> was already saying it a full six years ago, and things have only gotten
> worse since then.

Yep.  I remember reading that.  The only change I would make is that
Paul wrote:

	Most new domain names are malicious.

and I think a more accurate/updated/refined statement in 2016 would be:

	Almost all new domain names are malicious.

We are busy trying to support a domain name system that is two to
three orders of magnitude larger (as measured by domains) than it
should be or needs to be.  And nearly all of what we're supporting
is malicious.