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Charter HFC Engineer?

Hi Gabriel,

I?m going to contact you off-list regarding this one.


On 8/25/16, 1:39 AM, "NANOG on behalf of Gabriel Kuri"
<nanog-bounces+edwin.mallette=charter.com at nanog.org on behalf of
gkuri at ieee.org> wrote:

>Any Charter HFC engineers on the list? I've been hitting my head on the
>wall with first tier support that involves the Ubee DDW365 cable modem
>Charter deploys that reboots when IP space sitting behind the cable modem
>is port scanned on port 161 (snmp).
>This all started when my original cable modem (SMC) was swapped out with
>the Ubee and I noticed the Internet would randomly go out during the day
>for about a minute or two and tracked it down to the Ubee modem rebooting
>throughout the day (lights flashing on the modem indicating boot up). A
>tech came out and swapped it with another Ubee, and the same issue, random
>reboots. After researching this issue, I found a post from April 2016 (
>someone posting about port scanning through the Ubee cable modem and the
>port scan causing the Ubee to reboot when it hit port 161. Apparently this
>person wasn't able to get through to Charter tech support about the
>either and gave up. After reading this post, I was able to confirm my Ubee
>was susceptible to this bug and would reboot by simply telneting to IP
>space on port 161 behind the modem. I figured my random reboots were
>related to random people port scanning my IP space throughout the day. I
>called support to let them know and got them to bump it up to their
>manager, who then referred it to a "technical specialist" that ended up
>blocking port 161 on my cable modem.
>That fixed the problem with the random reboots and my connection is now
>stable! However support seems to think blocking the port on my modem is a
>long term fix :(
>They don't seem to understand that the long term fix should be escalating
>this up the chain so an appropriate engineer can work with Ubee to get the
>firmware fixed in the modem or the tens of thousands (or millions?) of
>other Charter customers with this modem currently suffering through
>unstable Internet. And what's to stop someone from continuously port
>scanning all of the Charter IP space and essentially DOSing those
>with this Ubee modem?
>I'd appreciate if someone from Charter would contact me off list please, I
>have zero confidence this is actually going to get fixed the right way for
>myself or at all for all the other Charter customers with the Ubee modem
>Thanks ...