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Charter HFC Engineer?

On 08/24/2016 10:39 PM, Gabriel Kuri wrote:
>   I was able to confirm my Ubee
> was susceptible to this bug and would reboot by simply telneting to IP
> space on port 161 behind the modem. I figured my random reboots were
> related to random people port scanning my IP space throughout the day. I
> called support to let them know and got them to bump it up to their
> manager, who then referred it to a "technical specialist" that ended up
> blocking port 161 on my cable modem.
Not to be unhelpful, but SNMP is a UDP protocol, you can't "telnet" to 
port 161 and be talking to the snmp deamon on the device because it's 
not listening for that. If you do get a connection, there's really 
something wrong....

Mike Ireton
WillitsOnline LLC