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What's the meaning of virtual POP ?

On 25/Aug/16 11:10, Randy Bush wrote:

> how does this work for mpls vpn based services across continent/country?
> i.e. are there inter-provider mpls vpn issues?

Interestingly, being a relatively young player in the MPLS space, we see
Africa slowly moving away from typical l3vpn services as more
countries/cities/metros get fibre, as a result of businesses moving
their IT infrastructure into some kind of cloud. It's not happening
quickly, but it is happening, and I think what the SD-WAN (yet another
buzz word) boys are doing will only accelerate the process.

That has meant that the only progressive inter-provider MPLS NNI's we
are seeing in/for the region are l2vpn's, and despite all the promises
of BGP-driven l2vpn NNI's, I'd say all the l2vpn NNI's we are setting up
are simple back-to-back VLAN's. Can't possibly mess those up :-).