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What's the meaning of virtual POP ?


I came across the idea of the virtual POP  , but the website for them have
way too much jargon to me[1][2][3], can someone explain it like i'm five

Specifically, my question is :

1. Is virtual POP basically a L2VPN?  That is, the provider will provide a
port at site A,that is somehow connected to LAN of site B ? What's
difference with vpop and layer 2 transport then?
2. Do such vPOP have guaranteed latency/bandwidth?
3. Is that really useful? If I'm already buying transit bandwidth/announce
my blocks from provider, the site B peers is already going to send traffic
through provider's backbone to site A, then what's the difference?


1. http://www.ixreach.com/services/colocation/virtual-pop/
2. http://www.interoute.com/network-box-virtual-pop-vpop
3. https://www.linx.net/join-linx/vpop