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Verizon NY (LEC) prior notification

On Fri, 31 May 2013 09:04:17 +0800, Patrick said:

> Probably better to watch stats for each NPA-NXX calling each DID. You
> can fit a distribution to the data for the length of time before another
> call arrives, and automatically throw a ticket at your carrier support
> group when the time between calls exceeds 99% of previous data.

May not be workable without a sufficiently high call rate 24/7.  If you're a
small call center that usually has 3-4 calls per hour at 2AM, now long is "too
long without a call, time to get suspicious"?

Does your answer change if you're a 911 or suicide hotline?

(Yes, if you usually handle 50-60 calls per hour even at 2AM, a 5 minute
gap is probably suspicious.  As I said, it depends highly on normal call rates)

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